Late Summer Thunderstorm

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The image burned in my eyes. In my mind.
One, one-thousand.
A slow rumble swiftly erupts into vicious heat ripping through the air above.
The ground shakes. My heart pounds.
And just as sudden, the air is still.
I’m left staring at infinity, hoping for an encore.
Your blue eyes, burned into mine.
Two, one-thousand.
A steady beat jumps into a heavy rhythm.
My hands shake. The world slows.
And just as sudden, the air is still.
I’m left staring at the wall, hoping for an encore.
Your fingers burn, encased in mine.
Three, one-thousand
I exhale, comfortable.
Forget the world around me.
And just as sudden, the air is still.
I’m left staring a the road, hoping for an encore.
Your lips burned against mine.
Four, one-thousand.
I lose my sense of time, and am lost in the moment.
My head spins. I remember to breathe.
And just as sudden, the air is still.
I’m left staring into your eyes, hoping for an encore.


What I’m Thinking About – Guitar (In Progress)

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Laying on our backs, watching satellites disappear
I brush your hair behind your ear
Your heads on my chest and I never want to leave
Then you turn and look at me
I get lost in your eyes, a starburst of brown
Against a, reassuring soft hazel background
You snap me back into reality
And ask me ” What are you thinking?”

I’m thinkin’ about all the times we could have,
About where the time has gone
So when you ask me what I’m thinking about
I’m thinking about, what I’m missing out on


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It’s a million thoughts,
A never ending story
Playing over in my head, and for some reason never boring
Nothing new is ever coming
Just the memories replayed
And I lay here and just wonder, why the days have yet to fade Continue reading ‘Free-Write’

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Time flies. And fireflies light up the night sky.
A shooting star streaks by, and I wish upon
The illumination of darkness. Hope in disguise.
It is all gone, except for a photograph still shining in your eyes
Blinded, I am still stunned. Fixated on your gaze Continue reading ‘Dreaming’

Lost in the Atlantic

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An intoxicating feeling, looking up at the stars
Laying on a rooftop two thousand miles apart
Fireworks are lighting up all the space in between Continue reading ‘Lost in the Atlantic’