4-Hour Panic

It’s 8 P.M. and you’re walking.
(Suddenly, you hit a wall.
You turn to the left. Another wall.
You turn around. Another wall.
You start running in the direction you came from.
{You stop. Now your heart is pounding. Boom boom.
Is that right? It can’t be. Somethings wrong. I’m having a heart attack.
My chest, is tight. My lungs are gasping…]
Heart still pounding. Boom boom.
[Bo….boooom. Seriously. Something. Is. Wrong. Breathe. Boom. Breathe. Boom. Breathe]
Heart is still pounding. Boom. Breathe. Boom. Breathe}
You keep running, step, breathe, now you’re) walking, step, breath. (Wall.
You turn to the right. Wall.
Turn around. Wall.
Run. Faster. Run.
{You’re lost and you can’t breathe again. Your chest is tight. Something is WRONG
[What. Is. Wrong. Cancer? Heart attack? Stroke? No, I’m too young.
But what about that one guy it happened to? Fuck. I’m not too young.
Family history. Symptoms. Disease. Cures. Chances.
Yup. It’s happening. I’m dying. Fuck. I’m dying. Fuck. I’m dying.]
Now you recognize where you are. Breathe. Stride. Breathe. Stride.
[Wall. Turn. Wall. Turn. Wall. Turn. FUCK. COME ON, WHAT IS WRONG?!]})

It’s midnight and you’re walking.


~ by SubReal87 on August 24, 2014.

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