That’s The Spirit Of Arapahoe – Spoken Word


Photo Credit: Dylan Pierpont

Looking back, there’s a few things I would have changed about my high school experience.
I would have sat with the girl at lunch who was alone because her only friend was home sick,
I would have stepped in to stop the kid getting bullied for the way he dressed,
Instead I passed on by, caught up in petty high school drama, and pretended I did not see
Luckily, I found a home in my second school where this was far from a daily routine
We didn’t hate, and judge. We accepted and loved.
We came together after a series of tragic events
Suicide, attempted suicide, medical problems leading to death, suicide
I have never seen so much connection, so much support, so much strength
Until now. 

That’s The Spirit Of Arapahoe

When this happens, some things gets thrown around pretty quickly.
Where were HIS PARENTS?! Bring God in, LEAVE GOD OUT, bring GUNS in, leave GUNS out! 
Who? What? Where? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?!
I don’t want to hear about your views and what’s wrong with our country,
My home is being shattered, piece by piece it is crippling to the hands of evil
And all you can do is PUSH the blame in any direction
Stop it!!! For he too has a family looking for comfort
And we do not fight hate with hate. 
We fight hate with LOVE.

The reality is
Our children are living in NIGHTMARES
Their innocence being taken shot by shot by shot by shot
Footsteps now bring fear, slamming doors lead to tears
Dont you worry though, things will go back to normal….
Normal?! What the fuck is normal anymore?
I’m awake at 5 in the morning, running on nothing but 4 hours of drunken sleep and PAIN
This community, everyone coming together again, now that is normal
That is how it should be, but I’ve seen it before,,,
And I also watched it fall apart.
But not this time.
No, I won’t stand to see it fall apart again,
This time we are stronger, this time we have force
Our backs against the wind.
Warrior STRONG 

Warrior: Noun – a person who fights in battles and is known for having courage and skill
Our battle is unclear, and we will never know exactly what we are fighting
But we have the courage gained from lions love
And the strength from the eagles circling above, 
Carrying the prayers to Claire, carrying the prayers to Karls family
A bruin waits with open arms as a lone charger leads us into battle
We do not have to do this on our own

My heart is heavy, and my life is tainted
But my grandfather once told me, 
“No matter how dark the skies, no matter how long the storm,
There is a rainbow waiting for you at the end”
We have the unique chance to create that rainbow
We have a chance to END THIS STORM
So don’t go home tonight and voice your opinions on the things you naively think are going to solve this world
Go home and paint a rainbow


~ by SubReal87 on December 15, 2013.

One Response to “That’s The Spirit Of Arapahoe – Spoken Word”

  1. Nice writing. I like your style, it makes me feel. I hope more brothers and sisters find it. Stay Warrior Strong.

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