Just words.

I’m living minute to minute,
Split second change, I’m not with it
Caught off guard from the cynic
As a cynic who’s done with it

Stop, I try to be honest
Let it slide home like Holliday,
Seems the ump called it wrong again
And I’m stuck, looking up again
I fucking hate being down,
But the hand that reached for me drown,
In peer opinion and Crown
Like that, my head slams the fucking ground

So, why do I still try and climb?
When the opportunity is there
Even though I know that it’s just a mirage in the air
Thought I stare in the eyes, knowing it’s a fucking disguise
Hoping that my heart can shatter all the past-ties
Providing a light-switch for you, so you can see in the dark
Just to show you that life doesn’t have to be so damn hard
That the things you have been through, can be put in the past
To look forward to your future, and have great memories last
You’ve proven the critics and society wrong
But you’re stuck on your own mind, you can’t change the song
And you turn to bottles to make it all go away,
When you can just face the facts, the past is here now to stay
It’s how you deal with the shit that made you who you are
It’s how you use your experience to raise your own standard bar
Don’t let that piece of shit asshole, make you cry anymore
His words just waste air, when your words open doors
Live for yourself, do what makes you happy
If they don’t agree, then FUCK THEM
They can grow up the fuck up,
But you shouldn’t back down
Because you are important
I just wish you’d see that now.


~ by SubReal87 on November 6, 2012.

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