For a feeling of forgotten,
This does not feel so bad
Seeing sincerity inside sometimes,
Does not always find a path
I linger in my loneliness, long enough to lose my lines
Moving mountains is not easy, making memories defined
Pen, paper, problem solving
Helps me breathe, deep breath, be calm
Holding on to hope,
Hinders my heart to beat so strong
Focus forward, feelings flustered, flying by the flawless shadows
Betrayal balanced with borders brought by selfishness although
Perfect perpetrators pray beneath poster-izing as they go
Mirrored mannequins of mortal men, seldom see the show
Take a time, out. Tenderly touch your way tonight
See yourself for who you are, what you’re worth when you arrive.


~ by SubReal87 on March 10, 2012.

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