She’s All Gone

(Wrote this at camp for a song with some of my boys)

Because you lost a love once, doesn’t mean it’s over
I’d grab your hand and pull you closer just to prove we had time
To see the world and what’s inside, when we have nothing to hide
It’s like a dream with you I fly and I get lost in your blue eyes, It’s no surprise
That the years we spent together are still burning in my mind
To get you back I’d go to the ends of the Earth to try and stop time
Maybe then you’d see my heart beat fast in a slow motion
See the sands getting kissed, by the waves of the frozen ocean But the water slowly fades like a love washed away
And if I had only one wish, girl I wish you would stay

I know my foolish pride, might have messed it up for good
Not a second goes by, that I still believe we could
And we will change, but for now it stays the same
I now realize there’s no winners in a lucky losers game
So put to shame and put to sleep, all the memories I keep
While I lay in bed alone, it’s getting hard to fall asleep.

~ by SubReal87 on September 15, 2011.

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