Boom, boom, flash baby light up the sky
You’ll never know the outcome if you just don’t try
Take a shot, follow through, I’d do anything for you
If the outcome doesn’t favor, brush the dust and start anew
Pull through, overcome anything standing in your way
Find yourself in a rut, live it day by day
Grab your bootstraps real tight and fade away
Into the night, pull hard, look to the stars and pray
Then just say. Then just say. Then just say.
Then just say.

If you ever need anything, I’ll lend you an ear
If it’s the future you’re afraid of I’ll say have no fear
Sometimes you gotta grab your life from behind the wheel and learn to steer
If it’s ever too much to take just know that I’m here and
I’m here when it seems to much to bear
You wanna give up, throw your hands in the air
It’s not fair. How come it had to happen like this?
Twist after twister until you snap and you skid
It’s not the first time someones had to deal with it
Gettin’ bit by the real world hell of a pit
But i’m here.

I’m here when you aren’t quite sure what to say,
When life puts a mountain in the middle of your way
And the journey that you started, seems it’s coming to an end
You have to find the strength to fight it, hope is right about the bend
And I’m here, to help you stand up, keep pushing on
Stay strong, and i’ll be by your side all along
You can see the sun shining through the dark, you’re gone
If you push it to the finish then you’ll make it through, done

~ by SubReal87 on July 5, 2011.

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