I lay in bed at night, contemplating life
And the reason that i’m here, and if it’s worth it to survive
But i’m not sure, the walls are closing in
And every time I turn around there’s a reason to begin
Another lie that’s getting covered by an ill-convincing grin
To be a sin, is nothing like it seems
To grab your life by what you want and just to tear it at the seams
You feel alive enough to be, alive enough to see That everything that you were raised to know, was just hypocrisy
Arrogant beliefs you know the time is now to leave it all behind and just break free
And this life is so amazing, with a reason or without
Every second counts, man it’s what it’s all about
Live it how you wanna live, do the things you wanna do
Love the people that you meet, and the ones that get you through
The hard times always come, it’s a thunderstorm for sure
With darkened skies surrounding, you can’t let anything deter
You from the goal that you are seeking, the outcome is the same
There’s a rainbow waiting at the end, if you sit out the rain
It’s so insane. You can’t try this again,
You only get one life to live, so dream, and dream big
And when you ask, is this life worth it? Stop and take a look
And how everything’d be different if your life is what you took.

~ by SubReal87 on May 16, 2011.

One Response to “Life”

  1. Love how deep and true this one is!

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