I Still Smile

The sun was warm that summer afternoon,
Good things come to those who wait, well I hope good things come soon
I walked around the grass so soft between my shoeless feet
An hour passed and there she was, the girl I came to meet

I can still remember how I felt, every detail, everything
As I walked across the monkey bars and headed for the swings
The hat I wore was white, read CSU in green
Got taken by the girl, my world was fading into dreams

A simple chase, with playful shoves, a walk around the park
My heart was beating faster as the sun gave way to dark
But before the sun was set, I took her by the hand
Was led into the fountain and dance around to our own band

The wind picked up, the sun had set, I was pretty cold
As we walked across the field to see the fireworks show
Laying down, looking up, the black sky being lit
By all the colors, it was perfect, and this moment, it was it

The show was over, time to go, what an amazing summer night
The girl beside me takes my hat, and right away takes flight
I chase her, the wind rushing at my face
When I finally track her down, I hold her in a sweet embrace

Alone at last, we lay together, in the middle of a field
The stars above faint, but there, my fate was surely sealed
She looks at me, as I gaze back and I could swear that time stood still
The kiss seemed to last forever, and it’s something I still feel.

~ by SubReal87 on May 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “I Still Smile”

  1. a very lovely poem i enjoyed reading this.

  2. i love this poem, it is gorgeous..!

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