People Don’t Change

The faint glow of the streetlights wasn’t enough to surrender the shadows in the parking lot. Emptiness here was common, with a few exceptions, at night. I knew the janitors leave at 9, so the car in the parking lot must belong to some teenagers. The eerie veil of the playground equipment covered the snowy grass. My footprints sank in as I walked across towards the building. Emergency lights flickered inside of the school, silhouettes darting with stealth. It’s just my mind playing tricks on me. The window quickly blanketed in fog as the warmth of my breath met the icy glass, and just as I had rigged it that morning, the door was still unlocked. A thousand eyes were watching, from the clear winter sky as I walked around the corner and let myself in. Warmth.

But there was something about being inside of a school late at night that was hard to adjust to. I didn’t know if it was the extreme silence, or the occasional creak, that freaked me out the most but I was a little nervous. It was my home for the night. I have no family left, and I lost my job a couple of months ago, followed by my home. I attended this school when I was growing up, so I knew my way around. I also knew all of the security flaws and was certain I would not be caught. I stood, alone, in the hallway. Flashbacks intruded into my thoughts. I snapped back to reality at the sound of a door closing. It was my imagination, it had to beNo one else could be here. I listened. The distant patter of feet matched my increasing heart beat. Quickly and quietly I found the nearest room and ducked inside. It must be a janitor. Did I misjudge what time it was? Why was there still a janitor here?My breath left me as I heard the door swing open and the lights flipped on just as fast as I stood there face to face with a man who was filled with fear. Both of us just stood there, neither of us knowing what to do. I remembered the knife I kept with me for protection. No. Not again. At least…. Not unless he tries to call for help. I can’t get caught. It’s inevitable. Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Before I knew what I was doing my hand was around his throat clutching the blade of the knife tight against his throat. DO IT! I squeezed my eyes tight and let my emotions take control. Fear rushed out of his veins and into mine. Nothing can take this moment away, I can never take it back. At least I’m alone now. At least I have a chance to beat this. I turned around trying to find my way, when I noticed a figure duck below the window outside. I froze, hoping, praying it was only my imagination. A minute went by when tires screeched and the car from the parking lot shot off. The teenagers! Panic blurred my vision as my world went black. It’s over.

~ by SubReal87 on March 29, 2011.

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