For my Sociology class

“In her eyes, things were starting to improve”

In her eyes, there was nothing left to lose

NOTHING, could take this away

The feeling of family, for THAT she will stay.

She would not stray, NO WAY. No way.

There was nothing, they could say.

The room, was almost completely dark

Illuminated only by a lighters spark,

Filled with laughter and crying scared

The silence INSIDE, SO EMPTY and bare

The high so insane, but NO ONE IS there

Lean back in the chair. Wondering why life is not fair.

WONDERING, why no is there. Why no body cares.

She runs her hand through her hair, at the heavens she stares

JUST DO IT, she dares! JUST DO IT, it’s RIGHT THERE!

She watches the clock as it ticks, and she stares.

It all started a couple years ago,

A girl so alone with no where to go

Her problems so small, but they grew and the grew

No one would listen, and then she was through

Through with the bullshit, the fakes and the lies

Not having a shoulder when she needed to cry

Just needing to fly, the need to get high

Until nothing else mattered, and she wanted to die

Her parents would yell, and say she was wrong

They never believed it had gone on for so long

They thought it would go away all along,

But one day she decided to sing her own song

She had no more power, she was tired of trying

To find a place in this world, she was tired of crying

The drugs made it better, then worse and then worse

Then one day she ended her own life, for her.

“But truly without care: He cared-less”

Showed all signs of weak-ness

Too much stress.


No body helped, and no body asked

To see why his life had been going so bad

To ask why he’s sad, why he’s always so mad

To know he lost everything, all that he had

His parents split up, what was that all about?

His mom was on drugs, and his dad threw him out.

“He doesn’t care about anything” anything at all

If it was choice right now, he’d just let it all fall

Let the rest fall apart, cuz there wasn’t much left

There was only the pain, and the secrets he kept.

The knife that he held, with the blade on his writs

If he takes one more hit, than the knife just might slit

~ by SubReal87 on March 29, 2011.

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