Something In The Air

Something In The Air

I don’t know why.
Maybe it was the soothing scent of sweet hot chocolate
Or the laughter of a boy, who sounded shy and nervous
But somehow I knew.
So I waited, wondered. Watched.
Wanting to know why love was in the air
There it was.
As I began to entertain, using the requested performance
I noticed a suave gesture given by the humble boy
“Classic” I thought to myself “Seen this a million times”
As she turned her head and flashed him a smile One of those warm smiles
That insinuated her approval of his arm around her
As the boy sighed in relief, it clicked
I knew that face
One that usually held a look of seclusion hiding under false joy
Only this time the joy was real
It had to be this girl
She had never before came to watch me
I hope it isn’t the last time either
It’s cold now.
The snow must have picked back up again.
I know it’s snowing because the window is directly across from me
And I can usually see a little of the outside world,
It peeks in just above the top of the window well
As the shy boy and new girl stood up to leave,
I noticed the girls shoes
And I wanted to warn her they would not fare well with the freezing snowflakes
But it was too late.
It was dark.
Alone once again with that feeling.
I knew something was happening,
Something big
I ran the night through my mind once more.
Then it happened.
And for a moment,
Everything was perfect
As I looked out the window,
I imagined the look on the boys face
As I listened ever so closely
I swear I could hear his heart beat

~ by SubReal87 on March 28, 2011.

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