A Summer Day. Northern Escape.

I was taking a walk. I didn’t know why and I didn’t know where I was going. But I was just walking.
I eventually reached my favorite hill in the area and started my ascent.
As I reached the top, I took a second and looked around.
That was the first time I saw her. White tank top and jean shorts.

Standing in the middle of an empty field, arms spread wide, gazing towards the heavens.
The wind blowing through her long brown hair. The sun, warming her figure as she closed her eyes and wondered.
I couldn’t help but stare. There was something about her. I wondered what could be going through her mind right now.
If she was escaping. Or just living. And for what felt like an hour, I just wanted to know.

I must have gotten lost in my thoughts, because I didn’t notice her walking towards me.
A soft “Hello” startles me back into reality. She’s a lot taller than I expected.
Now i’m staring up into the brown eyes of the girl from the field.
I’m lost once again. I can’t find any words. She smiles and lays down on the grass next to me.

This feels like a dream. Maybe it is. I can’t decipher reality and I start to question it.
I turn to the girl laying next to me and ask her “How do you know all of this is real?”
“I don’t” She responds turning over towards me.
The words go right through me, and I know that this is that chance worth taking.

Whether this is real or not, i’m in this moment. I’m here no matter what.
If I don’t take this chance, and this is real, I’ll live my life in regret.
And if I do take this chance, but this is all a dream, at least I can dream big.
So dreaming or not, reality, or not. This moment won’t come again. It’s now or never.

As we lay staring at the distant clouds passing by, I point and whisper “That one looks like a turtle”
“I don’t see it” She responds with disappointment in her voice. It’s now or never.
I take her hand and point out the distorted shape in the sky. “There is is!” She exclaims.
And I lay our hands, still embraced, back on the warm summer grass.

A Northern escape, on a warm summer day.
A breeze blowing gently, a morning in may.
Nothing to say, I stand in a dream
As a girl takes reality, tears it out at the seams
I’m lost in this world, my heads in the clouds
It’s never or now, but I just don’t know how
But a sign from above, a stopped moment in time
With the grass as a pillow, and a hand within mine

~ by SubReal87 on March 23, 2011.

One Response to “A Summer Day. Northern Escape.”

  1. Wow, i really like it 🙂 good job

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